Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Artifact

For my artifact I decided to make a visual representation of a bus stop display. I was able to use real life pictures taken by one of my group members. In the display my main focus was to make sure the audience knew who the company was and to show that the company now carries men's wear. The display shows the logo of the company. The display also has a QR code on it that if scanned will give the person a deal. Something along the lines of 10% off the persons next purchase. The display goes along with our style guide using the same fonts and colors we decided as a group.
The background for the design is set in a desert. The reason for this is because the company is based here in St. George and the landscape fits. Our audience are teens and younger adults. The models in the display fit the description. The way the models are positioned are to show off the clothes, but also be able to fit all of the text that was required. I off centered the models so they wouldn't totally over power the display. Again, the main focus of the display is to show the audience that the store now carries men clothing because as of right now it doesn't.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Scout and Cloth Campaign

Our group decided to go with a small clothing store here in St. George called Scout and Cloth. This store is quite small and currently only sells women's clothing. With our campaign we are going to build up the company redesigning the logo and making a few changes online. We will also be introducing a collection of men's clothing to the store as well.
For my artifact I will be putting together a display of the store and where all of the changes should be made within.
Persona- Rick is new in town and has a sense of style only a few stores can take on. He is from Southern California where the clothing stores flourish. Rick wants to find a place in town where he can physically look at clothes and even try them on. He is not very fond of the internet or shopping online. Rick wants to be able to find clothes that he likes without having to travel all the way back to So. Cal. in order to do that. Rick has always been about style and fashion and almost never looks bad when he goes out into public. Rick is an avid golfer and food connoisseur.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


For this assignment I decided to talk about the production designer. The production designer for the matrix is Owen Paterson. He is notorious for his work in The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and V for Vendetta.
Storyboards- The storyboards for the Matrix are absolutely amazing. They were very well put together. The PD puts the storyboards together and then meets with the director to show him how best to shoot the film.  
Location- location is everything. One of the most important jobs of the PD is the choice of location. In the scene that we chose the group is on a rooftop. The rooftop is located in Sydney, Australia. Obviously there are a lot of special effects in the scene as well. The location and background are necessary to pull the attention of the audience into the movie, they want to make it as believable as possible.
Helicopter- I wanted to talk a little bit about the helicopter because although it is in the background it leads the story into the next scene.
Use of green screen/cgi- the PD looks for design elements to determine whether they should use a green screen/cgi or not.

The PD also deals with the budget. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Compose your frame

I decided to go with an older picture of mine. This is a very small praying mantis that I found on the edge of an outdoor table. Using the rule of thirds all of the lines lead the eye towards the mantis. The edge of the table and the lines in the sidewalk below flow diagonally giving the image the diagonal rule. The image focuses on the foreground more so than the background. The lines in the table help move the eye along the image. The edge of the table gives a path for the mantis to follow showing motion and direction. Also the direction of the mantis gives a clear indication of which direction it is going in. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Design Presentation

Good Ad

Bad Ad

For this assignment I wanted to focus on the car buying audience. There are many differences between these two car ads.

In the first ad the car itself is popping out of the picture. The background complements the color of the car making the car pop. The text at the bottom of the page is all the same. There's no random change of font anywhere. The contrast of the picture also makes the car more appealing to the eye. We have a source of light casting in from the right side of the ad highlighting the driver side of the car. The specs for the car are smaller at the bottom of the page out of the way of the actual car.

The second ad is a little bit of a disaster. First off, there is no background. There is only a white blank canvas. When they said engineering made fun they literally drew all over the car. I get where they were trying to go with this, but I feel like it doesn't work very well. I want to see the car I am looking to buy, not a bunch of different squiggled colors all over it. The car is not the highlight of the ad as much as it should be. The font is quite big because the seller wants the audience to know their slogan and also about the warranty of the car.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gestalt Principles Presentation

Law of Similarity- group similar things together
Law of Proximity- group things close together. They tend to be perceived as a group.
Law of Pragnanz- reality is put to its simplest form.
Law of Closure- objects grouped together are seen as a whole.